08 Apr 2014

4 Reasons NOT to Lose Weight

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“Shall I lose weight or not?” The answer to this question is often THE ANSWER that will determine one’s health and weight destiny. The logical answer often is a definite “YES, absolutely I will lose weight!” However, in reality, the answer for most Americans is “No, not right now.” Read more

25 Mar 2014

How To Sabotage Your Metabolism… Without doing a thing!

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Americans are feeling tired and they are gaining “unwanted” weight at alarming rates. Maybe you are an exception. I hope so. But, if you are at least 30 years of age, you likely have gained weight “against your will”. Think back to age 21. What was your weight? Has it changed? If you are typical, it is up ½ to 1 pound (or more) for each year. Read more

11 Mar 2014

Blueberries: Nature’s Gift for Health

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When it comes to blueberries, I consider them one of nature’s true jewels. These beautiful berries are a delight to the eyes, delicious, and have healing powers that make them one of nature’s top “super foods”. And, if you haven’t kept up with the latest information on blueberries, you may be missing out on one of the tastiest medicinals on the planet. Read more

18 Feb 2014

3 Ways Vitamin Deficiencies Cause Weight Gain

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Did you know that 100% of Americans, eating common American foods, are NOT getting recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals? Did you know that those same Americans who obtain the lowest amounts of vitamins and minerals gain the most weight? Both of these facts have been proven through research, and they are not going to change any time soon. Read more

04 Feb 2014

Stress: The Health “Terminator”

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Stress… We feel it frequently, and, if we are honest, we often accidentally “invite it” into our lives. Yet one thing is certain…. no one likes stress! Read more